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Through the Monitor, we work in partnership with local organizations and governments to foster pluralism in different contexts.

The Global Pluralism Monitor utilizes a multidimensional approach to produce assessments that support important, and often difficult, conversations about pluralism. Whether starting a new conversation or adding to an ongoing deliberation about challenges to pluralism, Monitor-based engagement aims to support actors seeking to bring about transformational, social changes in policies and practice to strengthen pluralism.

Monitor-based engagement is a co-creative process that is led by in-country partners. The Centre understands that strengthening pluralism is a form of social transformation and will only happen by centering the leadership and taking direction from those directly implicated in the challenges and solutions. With this in mind, the Centre chooses to partner with civil society actors, particularly those that act as a network for other CSOs or governmental authorities. The Centre recognizes the privilege of engaging with remarkable individuals and organizations seeking to strengthen pluralism and contribute to the improving conceptualization of pluralism itself. As a global organization based in Canada, we also recognize our partner’s expert knowledge on the issues raised in the report.

Engagement can look different depending on the country and the priority of our partners.  In some countries, engagement activities are based on issues identified in the report that coincide with the work of the partner organization whereas in other countries, engagement is focussed on the potential of the Monitor’s framework and methodology. In the latter, the Monitor’s methodology is utilized as a tool to be adapted into the local context to help inform decision-making to ultimately bring about change. In-country engagement work is also essential to informing critical review and improvement of the Monitor’s framework of analysis and methodology. Engagement work continues to teach us how the Monitor report findings and the Monitor framework and methodology are useful to actors trying to strengthen pluralism and achieve positive social transformation. Engagement activities allow for the Centre to raise awareness of the importance of pluralism and to act as a convenor for critical dialogues on the transformative power of pluralism.

Engagement work shows us how the Monitor report findings are useful to actors trying to achieve positive social transformation.

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