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Across six continents and 20 countries, the Monitor has engaged with pluralism in many forms.

Coming Soon...

Stay tuned for these upcoming Global Pluralism Monitor reports.


The Global Pluralism Monitor: Iraq report will explore how the country is treating diversity especially since the establishment of a Constitution that protects the diversity of Iraqi society and equality under the law but may experience gaps in policy implementation. This report will assess religious, Indigenous and ethno-linguistic groups.


The Global Pluralism Monitor: Jordan report will assess origin/descent/self-prescribed identity; legal and refugee status; and religious affiliations as diversity groups.


The Global Pluralism Monitor: Kenya report will explore exclusions and marginalizations of groups in social, political, and economic life in Kenya and how implementation of the Constitution could strengthen pluralism in the country. This report will assess ethnic minorities; religious minorities; and redugees, migrants and stateless groups.


The Global Pluralism Monitor: Nigeria report will explore how social fragmentation persists in Nigeria despite legislative attempts to improve outcomes for diverse groups. The disproportionate inequality of youth and women in the country are a particular focus of this report. This report will assess ethnicity, religion and region as diversity groups.

South Korea

The Global Pluralism Monitor: South Korea report will assess marriage migrants and ethnic Korean returnees as diversity groups.


The Global Pluralism Monitor: Sudan report will highlight how exclusion and marginalization are experienced along intersectional identities. The state of pluralism in the country will also be explored in the context of historical and current violent conflict in the country. This report will assess language, religion, economy and livelihood as diversity groups.


The Global Pluralism Monitor: Tunisia report will assess religion, urban-rural divides and migration as diversity groups.

United Kingdom

The Global Pluralism Monitor: United Kingdom report will assess ethnicity and national identity as diversity groups.