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Civil societies contribute to a strong sense of belonging across Bolivia

Bolivia’s prominent civil society has contributed to a strong sense of belonging in the country.

Andrea González

The Global Pluralism Monitor: Bolivia report underscores the pivotal role that civil society play in every day life for Bolivians. Civil societies, such as peasant unions or civic committees, serve as an access point for resources in some regions. Membership in these organizations tends to be compulsory for members of a community, and these civil societies are inclined to operate in hierarchical structures, mostly representing elite interests. As such, civil societies’ role in communities is complex, and they can act as a source of inclusion and exclusion.

Civic committees have a propensity for strong political influence and ally themselves with a political party. However, they are also known to protest injustices. In January 2023, many civic committees, including the Santa Cruz civic committee, protested against the Luis Arce government for its human rights violations and injustices.

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